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Family therapy is a place where a family can pool there individual strengths to overcome an obstacle. I offer family therapy based on the premise that promoting change in any part of the family system can have a positive ripple affect throughout the entire family.

Very commonly a family will enter therapy with the goal of helping an individual family member to overcome a difficulty… as the whole family allows positive change and mutual support to guide their therapeutic journey the successes are generally far greater than any change that could have been accomplished individually… if everybody opens themselves up to positive change, if everyone allows themselves to grow for the better of the family, the ‘problem’ doesn’t stand a chance.

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I help the family to look at the ways that the family structure, family dynamics and family communication patterns are affecting the presenting problem. There is not a ‘one size fits all’ way for families to interact with one another; I help to isolate the specific needs and strengths of both the individuals and the family system as a whole, so that every one feels understood, respected, and hopeful.

There are few things more powerful than a family that functions collaboratively… I help family members to find the structure and dynamics that will foster the empathy, support and respect needed for happiness and teamwork to be the defining characteristics of your family.

I provide a safe and supportive setting for families to talk about the issues that most people have little experience talking about. Often families do not simply need assistance in solving a ‘problem’; families benefit from my ability help them to communicate about difficult topics as I foster a supportive, accepting, empathetic and safe therapeutic environment. Subjects such as the death of a loved one, divorce, becoming a teenager, sexual or gender orientation, impacted trust, or a family member’s anxiety or depression are a few examples of subjects that I can help your family to talk openly about.

Defensiveness, judgment, anger, passive aggressiveness, and close-mindedness are variables that very often derail families in their efforts to communicate with each other. I am confident in my ability to help families in avoiding these very normal reactions so that family members can finally have their needs understood… and met.

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