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This blog is for entertainment purposes alone. By reading this blog you agree that William Hambleton Bishop is relaying information and is not in anyway telling you to engage in any action.

William Hambleton Bishop is not responsible for any actions that a reader engages in after reading his blog.

William Hambleton Bishop is only a therapist to his clients that visit his business in Longmont Colorado and have signed both a HIPPA and a Mandatory Disclosure form.

If William Hambleton Bishop responds to a reader’s comments he is doing so as a subjective person and not as a professional. There is not a legally protected therapeutic relationship between William Hambleton Bishop and his readers… Will is not the therapist of his readers unless the reader is seeing him at his office and has signed a mandatory disclosure.

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2 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Hi there Will,
    I am a graduate student studying counseling and have a presentation for class coming up regarding Person-centered Therapy. I found your blog and well worded and enjoyable. I take any idea of plagiarism seriously and wouldn’t deliberately attempt to steal any of your work here. I am wondering though if I could have your permission to use some of your interpretations? I would cite this blog and your qualifications. It is a very informal presentation and feel your information could be helpful.
    Thanks- Craig Smith

    • Of course – I appreciate you sharing/quoting my blog – as long as you give credit this is would not be plagiarism… when bloggers mention not copying our stuff it is because often people take our content and post it on their own sites for financial gain… using my content in a paper for school is always ok as long as you properly reference where you got the material.



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