Wind Blown Hair (Music Post)


Quick Summary: This is a song that I wrote in 2006ish (can’t honestly remember) that playfully uses sounds and images to paint a100_1940 feeling. The theme surrounds the wisdom that can be faintly experienced by mindfully holding attention on nature and the seasons while trying to put perception in a space of timelessness. There is a happiness to the song as it looks at the experience of life through plants and speaks to the ease of beginnings and endings to an entity less consumed (or totally unconsumed) by existential stresses surrounding the impermanence of objects relevant to time.  The Changing seasons create a judgment in a human that perhaps we can find freedom from… to the tree, the winter is simply a cycle and the cycle rolls undeterred by moral projections.

Synesthesia is when we experience a sense through a medium that does not typically register such a sense – for example when you ‘see’ sound. For the last line I was imagining what the experience of photosynthesis is like for a fern. I imagined that to be totally immersed in the sensation of growth in unison with the earth and the sun must be transcendent… a complete convergence of all possible sensations.

We all have the choice of being attached or detached from the planet (and perhaps the universe)… this is not a political statement but an energetic and consciousness suggestion. Though I will not pretend to fully understand it, I can often tell how aligned someone is by looking at their hair… to my amazement my dog somehow does the same thing. More aligned or present people love her immensely euphoric energy and feel happy with her hello, while more distant or disassociated people don’t tend to notice her until she has ‘interrupted’ the distant space they were in… thereby pulling them into this reality = which they often find annoying. Now that my dog is older she tends to only approach present people… and I always know who it will be by their hair (I am aware of how crazy this sounds and of course the scientific part of my can offer some logical correlates that may be involved). So the Wind Blown Hair line refers to a person that, like a healthy plant, seems to be in balance with the universe at the present moment.

Once while contemplating the formation of existence I found myself staring at the horizon while backpacking near 12000 feet in the Rocky Mountains at sun set. I was contemplating how consciousness initially came about. I started with the old chicken or the egg process… did matter come first and grow consciousness or did consciousness grow matter? The answer ‘consciousness created consciousness or consciousness became conscious of itself’ surfaced… of course this does not make sense within my current time dominated constructs, but then again the idea of anything beginning from nothing doesn’t really fit either. Perhaps as humans we create consciousnesses that we can choose to live within… or we can live within the consciousness that our consciousness grew out of. I believe that plants likely live within the more universal consciousness and to be able to live there must feel wonderful = this is what the song is about.


Wind Blown Hair

Whisper like season till the morning

Soft the snow upon the day

Gone the warmth for some is sorrow

Some days come to leave they say

But I …

oh I …

oh I can see on through

Like the tree I bless the change

Gone are days gone away

And like a truth I look to virtue

let the rain wash away

(vocal uplifting melody)

Ferns they breathe in rays of color

Like the girl with wind-blown hair

Synesthesic sounds of brightness

Like that girl with wind-blow hair


And she

Oh she

Oh she can see on through

William Hambleton Bishop is a practicing therapist in Steamboat Springs Colorado.
William Hambleton Bishop
William Hambleton Bishop is a practicing therapist in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

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