Come to Carry us Home (music)


Quick summary: This is a song I wrote in 2010 as I sat in a rocking chair nervously waiting for the first phone call from my biological parents. The song is about the confusion surrounding identity that results from one’s (my) contemplation about adoption. The first section is the emotional roller-coaster and the second is the relief in the finding that what it has truly always been… I am now blessed with he gift of having two positive familiar realities. Of course things are complicated and then the journey becomes one of accepting things as they have turned out to be. The narrator switches often…

Come to carry us home

The youngest in me cries to the voice I cannot find

Somber in the distance synchronistically with tears

Finds newness in old voices

And time becomes the same

We have both grown old… I don’t know you

Suggestions from a source say that things are going well

Well I’m so happy and deeply confused just the same

We sit in rocking chairs and let the moment sing

Of a time of less separetness when we were just one thing

And my tears well up oh I try to cry as my mouth distorts to laugh

And I’m sitting in a hurricane of emotions that I have

Perhaps you’ll call… and we can say hello

I’ll ask you some questions that you may not know

If this is something name it then for I’ve looked for roots so long

I don’t know where to begin and I don’t know what to hold on to

Love… … it’s an unseen everything

And when I see your similar face

My philosophies start to change

I’m I a you more definite?

Are connections available to see?

I have lost myself to metaphysical

That I long to be concrete

(long silence before shift in music)


Young one can’t you see that you’re old enough

You have traveled the universe alone

Now they’re coming to call on you home

Seed… you know not what you are

Are you born of the acorn tree?

And could I convince you differently?

Oh lost… lost sure but you’re not alone

Have you forgotten that ancient trees dropped seeds in the sea

For the tides and the breeze come to carry – come to carry us home

Where I found love

Where I found me

And a green eyed girl holding our baby

Oh now is the time of the beginning tale

Where we say where you came from

And tell you truths that you knew all along

Like poet

Like simple


Like pure

Oh I’m now the captain

Come to carry us home….

Yeah I am the captain

Come to carry us home

William Hambleton Bishop is a practicing therapist in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

William Hambleton Bishop

William Hambleton Bishop is a practicing therapist in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

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