Boy of the Fall (music post)


Quick Summary: This is a song that I wrote originally in 2002ish – but reworked in 2008ish. Music is my means of re-centering… generally I start with a poem and add instrumentation. This song concerns many topics and hovers around the double binds inherent in the choices me make. Fall is the season of my birth and my favorite time to backpack deep and high in the mountains. The severity of the seasons necessitates a mindful state when even getting water is a difficult chore. With my Wife we ventured into nature and this choice was not always easy as the season kept most people from the mountains; this meant that the choice was nature with my love or social events. The resulting feeling was guilt, euphoria, love, and sorrow… guilt for those not there, euphoria in the experience which stood as an example of complete congruence, love for my partner, and sorrow that others could not pull themselves from expectations or comforts.

Willis is a name that some know me by… Willis represents my artistic self – a self I often consider to be the most authentic. In the automn the leaves glow in a kaleidoscope of soft colors and the earth settles toward accepting of the passing. Happiness is Willis the boy of the fall… Happiness is the fall as the shoulds and have to’s are powerless to the coming change.


Boy of the Fall



In age I will find my love by my side

and peace will be seen in the home where we reside

You can question me sure … sure don’t we all

But happiness is Willis… the Boy of the Fall


So I might have missed a couple of social events…

While I was up in the mountains with you

Oh but I’d not trade a second… no, for you made… me happy

Pass judgments ok… I can hear them all…

For happiness is Willis… the Boy of the Fall


Judging’ me based on your priorities

Alright… if that’s what you need

I’ve seen the stars through a high altitude night

And my wife… holding’ me tight…

There’s a soft summer breeze and she says that she loves me


And when I awake… you know I’m not much for words

So I take my guitar and play to the morning… yeah

Yes she kissed me at sunrise… I most clearly recall

And happiness is Willis… the Boy of the Fall



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