The Oppression of Creativity and Progression – How regulation, oversight, managed care, and “Big Brother” oppress growth


Quick summary: When a person or system gains power they have the choice to use that power to implement and oversee regulations intended to bring the masses to conform to a truth which was suggested by the relevant power. ‘Knowledge’ then becomes an oppressive tool used by the power to convince people of an absolute truth with the end goal of exerting its intention on the population. The power is very often unaware that they are oppressive… in fact the power often believes that it is being helpful in that it is proliferating a helpful ‘truth’ to the masses. The problem is that when the public rigidly holds onto a truth the process of creativity is diminished (as you no longer need to create anything because the power already found ‘the truth’).There is no end to the evolution of consciousness and as such there is no end to the creative potential of consciousness (we are embodiments of consciousness = you are conscious = your creative potential is infinite). When the power imposes regulation, standards, and oversight intended to bring the population to conform to their ‘truth’ which they substantiate with ‘knowledge’ they intentionally or unintentionally hinder creativity. In short, the power says,” this is the ‘right way’ to do things based on these ‘facts’ and it is in the best interest of the public that we implement oversight to ensure everyone is doing things the ‘right way’… we will put regulation in place to ensure that there are no deviations from our set protocols.” deviations are creations – without deviations there is no creativity and therefore no progression or evolution of consciousness. There is hope… open-mindedness and acceptance can counter power as those two attributes help us to see that truth is relative and ever evolving… there are no absolute truths.


Existential anxiety can be calmed with acceptance… we are free to stop our endless search of truth… we give our freedom away when we rigidly hold to truth… we make it possible for the power to control us with its knowledge.

I am not an anarchist. There is irony is anarchism as it is fundamentally as rigid as any other power structure… it is rigidly structured to be unstructured… it is dogmatically against dogma. It is somewhat of an inherent contradiction – to be fair everything is somewhat inherently contradictory.

Because you are reading this you are offering me (the author) a degree of power… I can influence you with knowledge that suggests that I hold a truth. In this way I might manipulate you into thinking as I intend you to think under the pretense that this is in your best interest… I then have very ironically become the oppressive force that I am trying to expose… forgive me, being helpful is inherently hurtful.

What I am suggesting is that we hold ideas with a greater openness.

When we find a protocol that works, it is positive to proliferate this ‘knowledge’ to the masses as long as we understand that this ‘knowledge’ is not absolute truth.

What I am suggesting is that we gain a more humble attitude so that we can accept that whatever helpful things we know now can surely become even more helpful if we allow those ideas to progress with the creativity inherent in our expanding consciousness.

Specifically, our theories of government, medicine, economics, spirituality, science etc become oppressive when we apply regulations and oversight which impedes those theories ability to accept creative influence… it is oppressive to impede their ability to grow.

Look back at history… where would we be today if the Powers were successful in oppressing the growth of theories related to government, medicine, spirituality, economics, science etc.

  • The earth would be flat, democracy wouldn’t exist, we would drain blood to cure illness etc


In my field of mental health there is a very frightening phenomenon taking place… the phenomenon is being perpetuated with the absolute best of intentions…

Managed care companies are trying to find one set “empirically based” protocol to assist all people with mental health concerns.

  • The standards and oversights of the managed care companies are so rigid and encompassing that they are destroying the creative potential of some extremely creative people.
  • They are oppressing the potential of help by forcing a knowledge that they mistakenly believe to be ‘truth’. The irony being that most all mental health workers are aware of the philosophies surrounding the concept of truth… there is no ‘truth’… believing in truth inhibits a therapists ability to interact with a client without judgment.
  • Managed care companies have become so fixated on regulation and oversight that many social workers and therapists now have the primary role of collecting ‘data’.
  • Funds that could be used to provide the public with more helpers are now being channeled away to positions that have the job of ensuring conformity to a rigid protocol.
  • The vast myriad of helping protocols in psychotherapy and social work have already been researched to be effective… all this money is being spent to find the ‘most effective’ protocol instead of offering a greater quantity of helpful protocols to the public.
  • I encourage the public to look at the budgets of such institutions and the time required collecting data and writing reports…
  • Who is there to involve themselves in the process of helping people if the mental health workers have been corralled into bureaucratic positions?
  • The goal has unintentionally become to enforce conformity with protocol with the good intention of helping people… they seemed to have lost consciousness of the concept that the process of helping people is perhaps more important than regulating the administration of process… if everyone is a regulator than no one is left to offer the process. Yes this is crazy… yes this is actually happening.
  • They are destroying the process by conforming to the powers desire to conform the process.
  • There is no bad guy… there is no enemy… power is an abstraction with the ability to oppress the public by suggesting to systems and people that an absolute truth exists
  • Absolute truth does not exist… good ideas exist… creativity is the beauty of consciousness expanding… we must let good ideas evolve… we must allow the creative to create.


Let us hold this insight with the goal of allowing the expansion of consciousness… we will see this with the expansion of creativity.


Taking a rigid position against power is futile… it is open-mindedness and acceptance which we must call upon to balance the oppressive strength of power.

William Hambleton Bishop is a practicing therapist in Steamboat Springs Colorado.
William Hambleton Bishop
William Hambleton Bishop is a practicing therapist in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

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