Love with the mind, the body and the spirit


Quick summary: We experience love with the mind, the body, and the spirit… to maximize the love in your relationship you can focus on all three… 

The Body:the body needs touch, nurturance, safety, warmth, sexuality, attention, attachment, proximity and attunement to feel loved. 

The Mind: the mind needs to understand and to be understood to feel loved. The mind desires empathy, validation, tangible signs of trust, similarity, common interests, and listening to feel loved. 

The Spirit: the spirit needs acceptance, compassion, gratitude, authenticity and unconditional positive regard to feel loved. 

At our essence we are love… we love infinitely… we love all and are loved by all… 

Though love is fundamental it is also abstract… it is something that we all have innately…yet, it is also something that we are all searching to find.

How do we really know for certain that anything exists?… perhaps we don’t. 

And because love’s meaning is elusive, we find love to be something hard to trust… it is difficult to know whether you are with love or not. 

There is peace in love…… to offer peace to your partner you can help them to hold the love of the world by offering love to three parts of their existence… the mind, the body, and the spirit.

“you are the book that I read with all senses… I swim in your beauty as we do our love dance”

2 thoughts on “Love with the mind, the body and the spirit

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  2. God bring me her love, for without it I am empty. Ensure her heart that I can never let this feeling go. Allow us to once embrace again and feel the warmth our hearts radiate throughout our bodies. Ease our stress by knowing we can never let each other down….Amen

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