Chaos is the result of resisting what is


Quick summary: what is, is simply what is until we try and capture what is with structure… as we move forward and find no structure to apply to what is then we resist our acceptance of this dilemma and by doing so create the chaos itself… in other words chaos does not exist without resistance… without judgment, without a need to define, without a need to make meaning or to organize, chaos simply is the same as what is. Chaos generally has an effect on the mind and the body… chaos generally arrives with an emotional vulnerability, with stress, with explosiveness, with confusion, with volatility, or perhaps with anxiety. Without resisting what is you can free yourself from some unnecessary stress. A good example of this is found in the resistance of fear or sadness… Anger is exceptionally common among humans and anger carries with it its’ fare share of baggage… much anger would be avoided if we allowed ourselves to experience our fear and sadness in the moment (or after – it’s not too late)… sometimes sadness or fear is what is… anger is often resistance… anger is generally chaos.


Most of the reality which we humans have chosen to live within is a constructed structure… If you took this lesson too far constructs such as law, culture, ethics, religion, self image, politics, etc would cease to exist.

Perhaps it is a bit unhelpful for me to suggest such a radical disintegration of structure. Further it is possible that at our current state of physical and spiritual evolution, such a movement would unintentionally or unconsciously fuel an enlargement of our egos – in short we would increase egocentrism by using the justification of non-resistance.

The purpose then is allowing – for us to allow ourselves to simply accept and to move with what is in situations where it would not be existentially devastating to enjoy acceptance as opposed to forcing a structure or a judgment onto the moment.

Previously I have looked at chaos as the opposite of structure and as I read more about Tao I have found a different perspective to contemplate. Tao is mostly inexplicable yet it is at the same time universally understood… perhaps this has to do with the concept that we have an innate of intuitive knowledge that is a bit beyond our mind’s (or any deductive computing system’s) capacity to integrate into a coherent structured belief system… oh we do try though… infinitely. Thought Taoism is considered by many to be a religion, its’ nature to me feels more abstract and philosophical… much like a theory which feels no need to validate or prove itself.

According to Taoism – Tao is everything; it is the ungraspable force which drives the balance and motion of all things… It is Tao that manages to give the earth and the universe a homeostasis which exists without universal law, rule, or dogma… Tao is… and as I try to better explain this concept I fall into the minds trap… a trap which abhors meaninglessness and chaos… and so I try to apply structure to Tao and lose an understanding of Tao in that very process.

Taoism can sound a bit like anarchy if a person is given a brief description, but it is far more complicated than this. Taoism suggests that there is a natural order, or balance, or destiny, or harmony in the way that things are… it is when we try an apply our own rules and laws (human constructs) that the harmony is disrupted the idea is that when you create a law you also create a process of resistance to that law. This is not to say that order does not or cannot exist… Taoism suggests that most other life forms simply follow Tao… a tree will take water as it needs… animals will breath… water will flow… certain wavelengths have certain colors…animals find safety before earthquakes or tsunamis…a bear will find a warm place to hibernate… sleep happens etc.

We are often not aware of our resistance… a mentor, a helper, an empathetic person etc can help us to find our place of acceptance… often this process necessitates finding what it is that we are or have resisted.


Our mind wants solutions… it wants to apply a logical and linear protocol to achieve a goal… the irony is that often this protocol is what keeps us from our goals… What is simply is, and as you free yourself to follow the force which guides everything then you will free yourself from much suffering.

Often noticing is the ends as opposed to being the means to an ends. To apply acceptance to what is all you have to do is notice… allow yourself to stop judging and quantifying your perceptions… and allow yourself to feel content with not needing to alter or change what is noticed.


The body will have sensations… emotions… it is the process of acceptance which will alleviate the chaos of your life.


it will be difficult for your mind to integrate what I am about to state as it is truly difficult for my mind – chaos does not exist… you create your own chaos with your resistance…


Yesterday I was lucky enough to have my somatically oriented supervisor assist me in arriving at a place of noticing… a place free of judgment where I could enjoy and accept what was… what is…I noticed love, fear, confusion, doubt and a protective impulse heavy like a weight pushing a few inches higher than my solar plexus and radiating a tension which offered a flexing sensation throughout my muscles. This sensation was from something that was… but was no longer in the moment… as I applied acceptance to this experience the tension crumbled away from the edges… and I was free to be with what is… to be in the moment… balance… release… relax… relief…

William Hambleton Bishop is a practicing therapist in Steamboat Springs Colorado.
William Hambleton Bishop
William Hambleton Bishop is a practicing therapist in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

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    • so true… as structure dissipates chaos reintegrates… Jung is facinating… perhaps consciousness is the structuing of chaos… so then chaos is structure depending on the viewer

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