Wellness with euphoria… sometimes what you want…you may already have


I woke up today to find that my ski destination received 18 inches of fresh Colorado powder for my wife and I to enjoy with our telemark-ski equipment. On the chair lift we talked about how everything that we could want existed in that moment… the point? – Perhaps sometimes it is easy for us all to get rapped up in our desires and ambitions pertaining to the future… every once and a while it is a good idea to drop all that wanting and engage is that which you find blissful.

Are you arguing with yourself over the validity of these statements… are you listing the “what if…” and the “no but…” to dissuade yourself from taking a moment for yourself?

What good is the process of getting if that process infinitely distracts you from what you already got?

My skis are old and have pretty severe damage to them… and I didn’t get hung up on wanting new skis today… Instead I held my wife close on the chair lift and howled with glee as the snow sprung from the ground and smacked my face enthusiastically as I joyously carved lines through the buoyant crystallized water.

Telemark skiing frees me from wanting, it offers me euphoria, and the activity makes me mediationally present in the moment…

What is your activity of bliss? And how can you allow yourself to engage in it?

Today the lift brought me to the top… over the weekend I hiked myself to the top of a wonderfully free mountain in our national forest.

The wonderful thing about this country’s national forests is that you don’t need to get them… they already exist.

I am an avid exercise person, and I have been asked what my trick is…

Very simply the answer is nature… I experience extreme bliss within the beauty of a pristine natural environment… and, because I stay healthy, I get to experience my natural world with very minimal effort.

Staying healthy and physically fit does a great job of eliminating that seemingly never ending cycle of wanting… as most of what I want, I have already in the national forest… as long as I am healthy enough to access it.

today was great and I am very thankful to have enjoyed it so.

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